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Welcome to ION Options. I'm Ron Ianieri and this site has been established with my favorite maxim in mind: No one cares more about your money than you do!

Only you view the success of your investments as the one, primary objective of investing. Therefore you should be aware of the tools and knowledge necessary to direct how your money is invested.

In today's financial world, investors, large and small, must take a proactive stance on their investments.

Proactive investors view their investments from two perspectives: protection and growth: protection of what they have and growth of their bottom line. You should know how to protect your portfolio and maximize opportunities and profits in markets that go up, stay stagnant and, most importantly, go down. 

ION Options will assist you to become proactive by providing:
  • option education - knowledge is the key to success. Understanding and using options wisely can provide an "insurance" plan to establish constant growth, protect capital and minimize risks.
  • daily news capsules about the financial markets- timely awareness of events allows both defensive and offensive action to protect and profit.
  • understanding of the impact of economic trends - long term goals establish the basis of stability in your portfolio.
Remember: No one cares more about your money than you do. So, for the education, information and assistance to become a self-directed, proactive investor turn to ION Options.

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"Not only is Ron very knowledgeable, but he is also a fantastic teacher, which is extremely important.... Although the markets are extremely volatile, it is still possible to make money following Ron's teachings. Thanks again Ron!"

Alex M

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