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Gamma Trading Course
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1All traders, but especially swing and day traders, should discover the many benefits of Gamma trading. Even active investors can make use of Gamma Trading because understanding Gamma and its proper usage can significantly increase overall profitability...Gamma trading will provide maximum downside protection for your overnight positions and allow for additional profit from second and third day follow through. This is very handy when expecting a next day gap opening or follow through trading pattern... Here are some additional Major Benefits and Advantages of Gamma Trading: Allows hedged day trading and swing trading. Allows investors to offset time decay of long option positions. This is most helpful for investors trying to trade event related situations. Allows continuing and consecutive trading on a single side of the market without acquiring a delta position. Allows investors to take advantage of opening gaps. Allows proactive or reactive trading to account for projected directional lean or for lack of directional lean. Estimated forĀ 4 two-hour classes.

"Ron's style is 'build it from the ground up', no short cuts, crystal clear, delivered with an almost scary no-compromise passion.

Although Ron is very impassioned about his field of knowledge, it is amazing for me personally to watch him slow down and zero in on one persons questions or their 'just not getting it-ness' and clarify everything completely before we all move on."

Take care, my friend and my teacher,

Matt B.

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