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Volatility Course
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The most difficult concept that an investor needs to grasp when entering the options market is volatility. Trading options is not necessarily harder than trading stocks but it is certainly more sophisticated. There are several factors that play large roles in the pricing of options that do not exist in stocks. One of those factors is volatility. Understanding volatility is critical to the investor. The reason is actually simple. Extrinsic value is the essence of an option. Extrinsic value, being the defining characteristic of an option, is obviously important so it stands to reason that extrinsic value's largest component, volatility, is also very important. Understanding volatility, its make-up and behavior, will be an invaluable advantage to option traders and investors. Topics covered in the Volatility Course include: Historic Volatility Implied Volatility Volatility Effects on the Bell Curve Close to Close volatility calculation Parkinson Hi-Lo volatility calculation Wilder's Volatility Volatility Smile Volatility Tilt Put/Call Volatility Skew Volatility Cones Base Volatility Volatility Surface Local Volatility Volatility Effects on Option Prices Volatility Effects on the Greeks Volatility Trading Estimated for 6 two-hour classes.

"I do not find words to express my gratitude for what you have done for me. I also cannot find the right words to say about this course as it is above and beyond my imagination..."

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