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The Greeks
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How can anyone ever justify or rationalize investing their hard earned money in anything without knowing the risks of that investment first? This seems like an unnecessary question. Unfortunately, a majority of investors put their money into the options market without understanding all of the risks. This is dangerous and unacceptable, and even worse, unnecessary. The "Greeks" are an output of the Option Pricing Model. They are statistically based numbers. The "Greeks" identify and quantify the risks of an individual option or a position for an investor before the trade is made. The "Greeks" show how the options price will react to changes in: the price of the underlying, the level of implied volatility, and the passage of time.   Understanding and properly using the "Greeks" changes the image of options for the individual investors. Unlike the media generated "risky investment" moniker that has been unfairly and inaccurately placed on options, the "Greeks" allow options to be the only true form of perfect hedge. The proper use of the "Greeks" can minimize and control all levels of risk of a position. Risk management has been and will continue to be a critical element in consistent profitability for individual investors. Understanding and properly using the "Greeks" allows investors to control the risks of their positions effectively and precisely. The "Greeks" Course will cover such topics as: Delta Gamma Vega Theta T-Del V-Del T-Gam V-Gam T-Theta V-Theta Variables affecting the Greeks Trumpification How to use the Greeks to formulate hedging strategies Estimated for 6 two hour sessions

"Ron's style is 'build it from the ground up', no short cuts, crystal clear, delivered with an almost scary no-compromise passion.

Although Ron is very impassioned about his field of knowledge, it is amazing for me personally to watch him slow down and zero in on one persons questions or their 'just not getting it-ness' and clarify everything completely before we all move on."

Take care, my friend and my teacher,

Matt B.

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