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One of the biggest differences between options and other securities such as stocks is that options allow an investor to make money when the stock does not move. Studies show that most stocks do not move much more often than they actually do move. If this statement is true, then you can see the importance of being able to make money when the stock or underlying security does not move. Options make it possible for investors to profit from stagnation by way of premium collection. An option's value can be defined as having two types of value. The first is intrinsic value. The second is the amount that an option trades over intrinsic value or extrinsic value.  It is the extrinsic value that decays over the life of an option. By selling an option, an investor benefits by the passage of time. As time passes and expiration gets closer, the amount of extrinsic value decreases day by day by the amount of theta in the option. (Theta measures an option's sensitivity to the passage of time). The ability to play the passage of time can be very attractive to an investor but it does come with its share of risk. Premium collection involves selling options. If left unhedged, these short options will leave the investor with an unlimited potential risk.  Fortunately, this risk can be effectively hedged when the risk and the option strategies to counter it are understood by the investor. Again, proper option education can help investors avoid the unlimited loss scenario allowing for safe and efficient premium collection. The Premium Collection Strategy Course will discuss topics such as: Time decay curve Theta Volatility Cone Front month rule At-the-money rule Time Spread Straddle Strangle Butterfly Condor Double diagonal Delta neutral Estimated for 8 two-hour sessions

"Ron has a strong, charasmatic personality, he is patient, intelligent, a master options trader as well as an accomplished teacher and mentor, I would be happy to recommend Ron Ianieri as the only choice when it comes to mastering options."

London, UK.

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