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Stock Replacement Strategy
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When used properly, this strategy is the single most powerful strategy in the securities trading world. It combines cost efficiency and leverage with limited risk which is what all investors seek. For stock traders, this strategy is the first natural step to take to enter the options market. In this class, you will learn how to choose the proper option (month and strike) to get the job done in the most optimal way. Also, you will learn to use the proper power of leverage along with the rolling technique to give your directional stock trading a powerful profit boost.

Covered Calls
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The covered call strategy gives long-term stock holders two important advantages. The first is enhanced profitability. The selling of a call against your long stock position brings in premiums that add to the returns on stagnating stocks. The second is protection. The premiums you collect when you sell the calls provide some protection from decreases in the stock price. They offset some of the capital loss and protect the bottom line. Learn which option to sell and when and how to ensure you do not have your stock called away from you. This class also includes a couple of other tricks of the "trade."

Protective Puts
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Many investors have had problems holding stocks in bear markets like the one we are currently in that started at the end of 2007. Many lost big money when the markets tanked. Many lost a major portion of their portfolio. As bad as it is to hear, this was an avoidable tragedy! Those experienced in options, particularly in the protective put strategy, were able to prevent big losses. The Protective Puts' name is not very creative but it is accurate. The purchase of a protective put allows a long stock holder to limit their loss to an acceptable level. This strategy when properly adapted can also be used to protect entire portfolios and even mutual fund positions.

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Where the Protective Put strategy provides maximum downside protection which is important, it does so at a price. The protective put is a premium outlay position and sometimes its cost can become prohibitive in high volatility situations. This is where the collar comes in. The collar makes it possible for an investor to have that coveted maximum protection but at a minimal cost. The downside is that unlike the protective put strategy, the collar has a limited gain scenario. This class shows you how to construct a collar (different constructions for different effects) but more importantly, when to choose the collar as opposed to choosing the protective put.

Vertical Spreads
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Every investor should be well versed on the ins and outs of the vertical spread. The vertical spread is a versatile option strategy. It can play direction, it can play volatility, and it can play premium collection! Does that sound too good to be true? Well, there is more! The vertical spread is extremely cost effective and is excellent in high volatility situations. It also has a predetermined and fixed limited downside. In order to be this powerful and this versatile, a strategy has to be a sophisticated one filled with many moving parts. This is true for the Vertical Spread. This class will not only teach you everything you need to know, but everything you could know about this "must know" strategy!

Time Spreads
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One of the fears of investors is a long-term, sideways grinding market that provides little to no chance for capital appreciation. One needs only to look at the Japanese market (Nikkei) to see that this can actually happen. Think what would happen if your retirement account went 10 years without gaining any capital appreciation due to a sideways market! There goes those early retirement plans! In that situation, look to premium collection strategies. The Time Spread is a non-directional, low cost, low risk premium collection strategy that takes advantage of the fact that options have a limited life and their value decays over time as they near expiration. As with all strategies, the time spread also has its pitfalls. This class teaches how to execute and manage time spreads the right way.

Diagonal Spreads
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The covered call strategy is an excellent strategy for helping investors increase profitability by bringing in premium on a monthly basis. As effective as this strategy can be, it is not optimal because in the construction of the covered call strategy lays a long stock position. We know that we can use a long ITM option to replace a stock position to gain multiple advantages over the stock. The diagonal spread simply combines the covered call and stock replacement strategies in an optimal way. The diagonal spread can be likened to a covered call strategy on steroids. Learn how to use Diagonal Spreads to provide higher return with much lower risks than the traditional covered call strategy.

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There are strategies built to take advantage of a defined directional stock movement. There are strategies that are built to take advantage of the stock not moving at all. The Straddle is one strategy designed to take advantage of an undefined directional movement. The Straddle is a delta neutral, premium outlay strategy that acquires friendly deltas as the stock moves in either direction. The Straddle has no directional lean until the stock starts to move. This strategy is tailor made for situations where you expect a large stock movement but are unsure of whether the movement will be up or down. Earnings are an excellent example of a time when the straddle should be employed. Learn how to use this powerful Straddle strategy the right way and more importantly, at the right time.

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The Strangle, a premium outlay undefined directional strategy, also acquires deltas as the stock moves. In this mechanical sense, the Strangle functions much like the straddle. However, there are several distinctions between the two that become apparent when comparing their construction. Those distinctions produce different break-evens and different pricing making the Strangle optimal at times when the straddle may not be. Learn to identify the differences and know when to choose the Strangle and optimize it to take advantage of an opportunity when the stock can move big (as with an earnings report) but in an unknown direction.

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The short straddle is the most powerful premium collection strategy out there. The problem is that the short straddle has an unlimited risk scenario attached to it. This risk scenario makes it difficult for investors to apply the short straddle in a safe manner. Fortunately, there is the butterfly! Premium collection is necessary and important for investors. There would be no exploitable opportunities during periods of stagnation and consolidation if not for premium collection. The butterfly allows an investor to harness the premium collection power of the short straddle in a fully hedged manor. Learn how to collect premium in a safe, efficient way.

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Another of the fully hedged premium collection strategies, the Condor lets an investor take advantage of a short Strangle's premium collection ability in the same manner that the Butterfly allows an investor to take advantage of the short straddles premium collection ability. Therefore, the Condor is a fully hedged strategy that harnesses the premium collection power of the short strangle without the unlimited risk scenario that accompanies short strangles.

Double Diagonals
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The Butterfly and Condor are not the only delta neutral premium collection strategies that are fully hedged. As powerful as the Butterfly and Condor are, the Double Diagonal can be even more powerful when traded properly. This is due to the fact that the double diagonal is a combination of either the Butterfly or the Condor and the Time Spread. By moving the long options that provide the hedge for the short options out past the front month, we can slow their decay and increase the total profitability of the position.

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