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Wednesday, January 14  -  Replay of Volatility/Volatility Tool
Learn about Volatility and a tool to use in tracking its effects to help with strategy selection. Introduction to the VolTool Streaming recording link:
Monday, January 2  -  NEW TRADING CAMP STARTS
Contact for details


Monday, February 6  -  Idea Generator Monday at 9.
Go to Services tab. Click on Trade Idea Generator to see detailsto see details


Wednesday, March 31  -  Free Stuff!!!! Always available!!!
Click on Free Stuff Tab.  Provide your full name and email address and get immediate access to free options materials.


Monday, July 13  -  The WHOLE SHEBANG!! Replays available
Get replays of the 4 sessions as Ron takes you through his process of sector, stock, option and strategy selection for investing. Contact ​


Friday, August 20  -  Our ionoptionsgroup at Yahoo! Groups is good to go.
Here are the details on ionoptionsgroup:  Group home page: Group email address:
Saturday, August 29  -  REPLAY ARCHIVES- Click on Services and then Mastering Options
See all of the courses available in replays
Monday, August 31  -  TRADE IDEA GENERATOR every Monday night at 9
For details go to Services Tab


Sunday, October 25  -  ENTRY DISCIPLINE replays
Entry Discipline 3 classes available as replays.  Contact for details


Wednesday, November 18  -  PORTFOLIO RISK MANAGEMENT replays
Contact for details

"Ron has a strong, charasmatic personality, he is patient, intelligent, a master options trader as well as an accomplished teacher and mentor, I would be happy to recommend Ron Ianieri as the only choice when it comes to mastering options."

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