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Wednesday, January 14  -  Replay of Volatility/Volatility Tool
Learn about Volatility and a tool to use in tracking its effects to help with strategy selection. Introduction to the VolTool Streaming recording link:
Monday, January 2  -  NEW TRADING CAMP STARTS
Contact for details


Monday, February 6  -  Idea Generator Monday at 9.
Go to Services tab. Click on Trade Idea Generator to see detailsto see details


Wednesday, March 31  -  Free Stuff!!!! Always available!!!
Click on Free Stuff Tab.  Provide your full name and email address and get immediate access to free options materials.


Monday, July 13  -  The WHOLE SHEBANG!! Replays available
Get replays of the 4 sessions as Ron takes you through his process of sector, stock, option and strategy selection for investing. Contact ​


Friday, August 20  -  Our ionoptionsgroup at Yahoo! Groups is good to go.
Here are the details on ionoptionsgroup:  Group home page: Group email address:
Saturday, August 29  -  REPLAY ARCHIVES- Click on Services and then Mastering Options
See all of the courses available in replays
Monday, August 31  -  TRADE IDEA GENERATOR every Monday night at 9
For details go to Services Tab


Sunday, October 25  -  ENTRY DISCIPLINE replays
Entry Discipline 3 classes available as replays.  Contact for details


Wednesday, November 18  -  PORTFOLIO RISK MANAGEMENT replays
Contact for details

"Ron's style is 'build it from the ground up', no short cuts, crystal clear, delivered with an almost scary no-compromise passion.

Although Ron is very impassioned about his field of knowledge, it is amazing for me personally to watch him slow down and zero in on one persons questions or their 'just not getting it-ness' and clarify everything completely before we all move on."

Take care, my friend and my teacher,

Matt B.

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