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                                             You set the agenda!   You chose the topics!

                            THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME TO SIGN UP 
 *The market is unstable 
                                                   *Politicians are fiddling while the economy burns.
                                                   *Investors question the outlook for their future

                                        What questions do you have?  Do you wonder about... 
                                                        ...option management     ...timing
                                                        ...entry and exit points   ...position adjustment
                                                        ...strategy specifics    ...which strategy fits you

                    While Ron will not be your financial advisor, he is an options expert/educator and market strategist who can answer your questions about strategies that can be used to limit risk, stabilize your portfolio performance and secure profits in an unstable economy.

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Dates to be announced for 2015! 

Be with Ron watching the market open. Focus on different topics as the
trading day unfolds. Ask questions and learn how to respond to the ups and
downs and the news that drives them! 

Since this is a live, market hours trading class, class topics will be dictated
by market conditions. Below is a list of topics that will be emphasized at one
point or another depending on market conditions.

* Understanding the market mechanics

* Using fundamental analysis to identify opportunities

* Using technical analysis to identify opportunities

* Combining technicals and fundamentals

* Identifying potential strategies to match opportunity

* Analyzing option prices to help determine proper strategy and construction

* Long-term accumulation strategies

* Short-term directional strategies

* Income generation strategies

* Trading multi-legged trading patterns

* Position and portfolio hedging

All  sessions will be recorded and available to subscribers for replay to optimize the educational experience.

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Reading the Market’s Sign Language

*How many times have you watched a stock that was breaking out and missed it or was too late getting in it because you were not sure that it had “broken” enough?

*How many times have you missed an opportunity to get out of a profitable trade near the top because the stock turned before getting to an expected support or resistance level?

*How many times did a stock gap open on a breakout or breakdown where you thought it was too much so you did not chase it only to have the stock move another 10 percent?

*Conversely, how many times did you jump in only to have the stock reverse on you and give you a loss?

My guess is that it is probably more than once and probably closer to way too many times!

Unfortunately, there is no rule or algorithm to help us with making these decisions. Further, no matter what we ever do, there will never be a way to be correct in our decision every time. That is simply the nature of trying to tell the future.

However, there are some things that can help us make a better decision every time and improve our performance. This will be done by increasing our confidence level via reading the sign language that the market is giving us. This will work……. provided you know what to look for! This class is designed to do exactly that. It is designed to show you “other” things to look for to help your decision-making ability in things such as entry and exit timing, position size, and strategy and construction choices.

This is a new topic in terms of me teaching it. So, I want to make this class more interactive. To do that, we are going to use live examples from each and every one of you! I want to look at real positions that you have on right now or are looking to put on in the near future. So not only do you get the general education but you also get it as it applies to YOU and YOUR positions!

I have never taught this class before and this one features more feel and experience as opposed to math and science than any of my other classes. This class will be at least two nights (you know me, probably three) to ensure that everyone gets a chance to personally go through at least two live examples.

Don’t miss this chance to gain experience and a feel for the market without having to go through it again and again, over and over, by yourself!


Class begins Thursday night 10/12/17 at 9pm eastern. It will continue on Tuesday night 10/17/17 also at 9pm eastern.  The third night will be Thursday 10/19/17 at 9pm eastern.

Cost - $195.00   


"Ron has a strong, charasmatic personality, he is patient, intelligent, a master options trader as well as an accomplished teacher and mentor, I would be happy to recommend Ron Ianieri as the only choice when it comes to mastering options."

London, UK.

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