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                                                Ron’s Service for a
                Changing Market
Spending -Taxes- Debt Limit- Deficit-                                   and the FED!

To meet these challenges of the changing market, Ron has developed and refined

                                                 The Trade Idea Generator


This live, interactive unique service combines education, mentoring, instant feedback, and independent action that will lead to successful participation in the Market.


Based upon the “Swing Trader” concept, Ron’s newest service, seeks short term opportunities ranging in time from about 3 days to 3 weeks.


Trade Idea Generator combines timely measured meetings with timely communication!

Meeting will be every Monday at 9PM Eastern with replays emailed immediately following the meeting.



*identify numerous potential trading opportunities from both fundamental and


   technical viewpoints


*allow subscribers to suggest stocks to be investigated


*use multiple types of technical analysis including but not limited to moving


    averages, flat-line support and resistance, and bastardized Bollinger bands


     (We will be using TradeMonster platform)


*pinpoint and discuss entry levels, exit levels and trigger points


*analyze potential strategies for their possible effectiveness.


*suggest several if/then scenarios to prepare for possible rolls and morphs.


New and Up to Date Communications


Since “swing trading” focuses on short term opportunities, timely communication between Ron and the subscribers is especially important. To keep in close touch this service has many avenues of communication:


Ø live meetings every Monday at 9:00PM Eastern for about 1 hour,


Ø replays of the session emailed that night so they are available the next morning


Ø a Yahoo email users group,


Monthly Service Charge - $169 



The purchase price of this service remains in effect for the length of your subscription.



If you have any questions, contact


"I do not find words to express my gratitude for what you have done for me. I also cannot find the right words to say about this course as it is above and beyond my imagination..."

Great admiration for a teacher and mentor.


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